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So, I’m probably waay late to the party, but I recently discovered MeshMixer.

It’s a neat little software that has tons of features. It’s not a full modeling suite like Blender, but instead focuses on a few 3D printing related tasks.

I tested Meshmixer out by loading up Rakdos (a high polygon mesh), and it loads super fast!

One features it has is the ability to digitally sculpt, much like ZBrush or Sculptris.


Another is mesh repair.


I tried repairing Rakdos, but the result didn’t fix the inverted vertices. I suspect it works fine for simpler meshes, since Rakdos is a known problematic mesh.

Meshmixer also supplies an array of neat analytics.


It can also generate supports.


Based on the settings, I suspect it uses an angle based approach to generate the supports (like, give a support if face is less than 25 degrees off of the X plane.

This may also have been MakerBot’s algorithm in the early days. However, there are more sophisticated support generation algorithms out there, so I’m not overly impressed (FormLabs does a physics simulation in their generation!)


However, I am impressed by its mesh mixing ability. You can very easily combine two meshes together and it joins very smoothly.

It also supposedly has way better boolean combines than Blender.

Overall, I like Meshmixer. It does some things ok, and other things really well. I really wish it was open source though… then again, if it was, it might’ve not been bought by Autodesk.

Oh man! Adventure Time Battle Party is out in Beta!

It’s a MOBA that features a large set of Adventure Time characters.

I started playing today (checkout my game up top), and it’s pretty neat, despite a few bugs.

Compared to other MOBAs I’ve played, this is a lot closer to League of Legends than DOTA 2.

Uniquely to this game, there’s a time limit of 15 minutes. Whoever can destroy the opponent’s base first, or have the most points at the end of 15 minutes wins. This makes games go a lot faster, which I really like. There’s essentially no farming phase.

Each character gets three spells at the start of the game. The spells aren’t leveled. Instead, the items are leveled, to give battle bonuses.

Instead of buying items, you start off with a backpack of items that you level up for bonuses (sort of like runes from League).

There’s an in-game chat, but it’s more like DOTA’s chatwheel, where you can only select specific phrases.

The entire map is TINY, with only two lanes and a jungle.

Overall, it feels like a very quick and streamlined MOBA, and I love it.

The major flaws of this game are that it’s in a browser (it uses Unity). I’d definitely prefer a standalone client.

Also, maybe because this game is new, but it’s really hard to find other players to play with. I’ve only had success teaming up with others against bots. There’s no penalties for quitting a game, so a lot of people abandon during the loading phase.

I went to my first Michelin starred restaurant on Tuesday!

It was Kajitsu, a vegetarian restaurant that serves shojin cuisine.


I ordered the Hana courses, and it began with a green tea rice porridge in this elaborately wrapped box.

rice porrige

Since the menu changes monthly, the green tea rice porridge represented May, a time for harvesting tea and planting rice.

Several courses followed, each with unfamiliar and exciting flavors.

One course had sassafras jelly with pepper on top.


Another had a tiny slice of some unknown vegetable (that exploded with flavor) neatly placed on top of the daikon in the soup.

Everything was very delicious.

For dessert, there was a mochi with just the right amount of sweetness in the filling.


I’ve had a lot of bean fillings, and none of them were this good.


At the very end, the chef prepared a cup of matcha tea for us along with some candy.

The chef meticulously brushed the cups and rotated the cups three times in his hand before handing it to us, just like a tea ceremony. I felt tingly all over when I drank the matcha.

Since the matcha was a little bitter, I was advised to nibble on the candy while sipping the tea. While all made of sugar, each piece of the candy had surprisingly different texture. I loved them!

The overall dinner was an extraordinary experience. I liked the food, the atmosphere, and the ceremonious presentation of the food. It definitely met my expectation of a Michelin starred restaurant!

Italian Ice

I had the best Italian ice today!

Before, I’d thought Italian ice was this icy syrupy mess that was either too sweet or bland. Ben’s Pizza totally changed my mind! I went there with some coworkers today, and had this really great watermelon Italian ice. I think it even had real watermelon chunks!

It was very flavorful, and the flavor was very well mixed!

So good!