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It’s my last day at Pycon. I’m SOO TIRED yet still SOO EXCITED.

So Tired

I went to a neat poster session, and talked to folks about their cool projects, like Raspberry Pi game consoles and voice-to-braille generators.

Stumbling upon a room of boardgamers, I joined a game of Dominion. It was my first time playing a physical Dominion. So much shuffling…


Lunch was with the Pyladies. I didn’t realize how much I missed hanging out with just women. There was a neat event where all the women that gave talks this conference went to a microphone, introduced themselves, and gave bits of wisdom.


I was impressed by the number of women who thanked Jessica for personally reaching out to them. She’s such a trooper.

After lunch, I heard one of my favorite talks this conference. It was “Farewell and Welcome Home: Python in Two Genders” by Naomi Cedar. It was really amazing.

I had a great time at Pycon. It was my first software conference, and I loved it. I saw some of my Boston Python friends and made some new ones.

Folks, if you like Python, or just software in general, definitely go to Pycon next year.


~Jenny signing out, from the airport.

Day 3 started with a case of the sads. I woke up realizing I’d missed Jessica‘s talk, due to my mis-reading of the schedule.

Guess I gotta watch the Pycon videos afterwards…


On a happier note, I caught Ned‘s talk! It was about getting started with testing.


Check it out! It has really awesome illustrations from his son!

During lunch, I had my very first macaroon.


It was not at all what I expected! I liked it. It was tasty.

For dinner, I went with a bunch of Python folks to a vegetarian restaurant. There was a moment in the night when everyone tried to create standing waves in our drinking glasses, by ringing the glass. So good!

I’m looking forward to more talks tomorrow, as well as the Pyladies lunch!

Jenny out.

Today kicked off with an AWESOME KEYNOTE by John Perry Barlow! With gems such as:

“The reason we care about privacy is because we fear the judgement of organizations who have no business judging us in the first place.”


My mornin’ was spent at the Pyladies booth, sellin’ shirts! I hadn’t plan on boothing, but the Pyladies were swamped.

Seriously, though, come buy a shirt! They look AMAZING and you’re helping a great cause.

While helping out, I saw more of my friends from Boston Python and Boston Pyladies. I’ve missed you guys!
Side note: If you’re in Boston, go to Boston Python Meetups and the Boston Pyladies Meetups! They’re one of the best Meetups I’ve been to, EVER!

named tuples

The rest of the day was full of mind-blowing talks. Even with a bit of Python experience, I feel so n00b here.


At the end of the day, I saw a sign up sheet for lightning talks, and in a brief moment of insanity, I signed up.

I talked about sewing stuffed animals / procedurally generating sewing patterns from video games. It was an unprepared talk…which didn’t feel too great… but it was fun.


I also didn’t realize there was a small cone of light, so probably no one could see me >___<…

That said, I highly encourage people to give talks. It's a great way to share what you know. Our community is built around sharing information, so sharing is super vital!

I hit up the opening ceremony. Lots o’ companies were there.


I stopped by the O’Reilly booth and grabbed some AWESOME stickers. They were also giving away a quarterly newsletter about DIYbio. Though I wasn’t too intrigued by the its iGEM articles, I do LOVE that O’Reilly is approaching hacking the physical realm, (they also have a hardware conference called Solidcon comin’ up).

Physical hacking is right in my wheelhouse.*

Pyladies Mixer

After the opening reception, I attended the Pyladies Mixer, sponsored by Twitter, at a tapas bar. There were tons of tasty snacks as well as a delicious Twitter Kool Aid. I got to hang out with my buds from Boston Pyladies as well as meet some really cool folks. Super fun!

This concludes an awesome first night at Pycon!

*A phrase I picked up from Harry