I hit up the opening ceremony. Lots o’ companies were there.


I stopped by the O’Reilly booth and grabbed some AWESOME stickers. They were also giving away a quarterly newsletter about DIYbio. Though I wasn’t too intrigued by the its iGEM articles, I do LOVE that O’Reilly is approaching hacking the physical realm, (they also have a hardware conference called Solidcon comin’ up).

Physical hacking is right in my wheelhouse.*

Pyladies Mixer

After the opening reception, I attended the Pyladies Mixer, sponsored by Twitter, at a tapas bar. There were tons of tasty snacks as well as a delicious Twitter Kool Aid. I got to hang out with my buds from Boston Pyladies as well as meet some really cool folks. Super fun!

This concludes an awesome first night at Pycon!

*A phrase I picked up from Harry

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