Monthly Archives: April 2014

I read about an up-and-coming 3D printer named M-One today.


It’s a DLP printer, (using a DLP projector to cure resin).

I’ve never heard of DLP for 3D printing before. It’s a process very similar to SLA, except it cures a layer at a time, instead of a single point. It would offer considerable speed advantage without much resolution loss. So neat!

In my quest to learn a little bit more about this 3D printing process, I stumbled upon a great site, THRE3D.


They have a very comprehensive list of all sorts of different 3D printing processes.

Check it out!

Cat Cafe

There’s a pretty neat Cat Cafe that popped up this weekend. It featured adorable adoptable cats that you can go play with.

Long lines

I tried to go Friday during lunch, but the line was over 2 hours long!

Instead of waiting, I resigned myself to watching Cat Cafe’s livestream.


While watching, I saw Freddy, a super adorable tabby that I fell in love with. I inquired about adopting Freddy, but I think he’s already going to a forever home. While a little sad, I’m really glad he’s going to a better place.

The Cat Cafe has been really successful at getting their cats adopted. I hope they create a more permanent establishment, giving more cats a chance to find a good home.

I went to dinner with Emily tonight. We went to Lam Zhou, a restaurant famous for their hand pulled noodles.

Lam Zhou

I got beef soup noodles and it was quite delicious!

The beef was a little tougher than I’d like, but the noodles were perfect. It’s a very different style from the hand pulled noodles of Biang! (one of my favorite hand pulled noodle places) but tasty nevertheless.

On the subway ride home I encountered a group of kids with extreme acrobatic abilities. They performed an amazing set of moves using the subway poles.

frozen mid air

One guy hoped on a pole, and frozen mid-air. He suspended himself, making it look like time stopped for a minute.

I’m not usually impressed by subway performances, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

What a night.


A couple Wednesdays ago (when it was still freezing out), I went to this great talk by Voevodsky on Univalent Foundations of Mathematics.

It had a really great narrative on how he came to discover a new foundation for mathematics and an argument for theory proving via computer programs.

I’d first heard about this talk through the LispNYC meetup (an AWESOME group), and saw a couple of the meetuppers at the event!

At the post-talk reception, Voevodsky came up and said he liked how we were enthusiastic audience members.


What a cool guy!