Plated was tasty!

I decided to try out Plated, a nifty service that deliver portion-perfect ingredients to cook a meal. What a great solution to two of my problems: never knowing what to cook and always having leftover ingredients. Seriously, what am I going to do with half a cabbage?

I picked the mushroom udon and the sweet potato casserole packages for my delivery. They were absolutely DELICIOUS!

Plated :d

I started with the udon, and was surprised by how tasty it came out. Being a novice cook, I learned some neat tips, like peeling ginger with a spoon.


It was quick and easy, and a lot of fun. I loved tossing in all the ingredients (no measurements needed) and breath in the aroma.

My only gripe was that there were a lot of plastic waste, since a lot of ingredients came individually bagged.

Overall it was a great service. Check it out.

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