Queen of the Night

Queen of the Night was AMAZING!

It’s a show based on The Magic Flute, with acrobatics and dinner. There’s less exploration, but no less the excitement.
If you haven’t gone, definitely book now. It’s on the pricier side, but totally worth it.


I first heard about this event from LL. She said it was better than Sleep No More! High praise, considering Sleep No More is one of my favorite shows.

The ticket said to dress fancy, so Harry and I had to get fancy clothes, since we didn’t own any.


The night of the show was extremely cold. Luckily we arrived early and didn’t have to wait long in the outside line.

Inside was a staircase down, and we were signaled to wait on the staircase.

A waiter walked up to me, and led me inside. Alone, he told me his name was Glasnost, and that I would be helping with the first ceremony of the night.


He pointed out the Queen, radiating from the center of the stage, and then told me to close my eyes. Holding his hand, I was led to a secret chamber.

“Picture a beautiful moment,” Glasnost whispered.

After an eternity in imagination conjuration, I was told to open my hand and my eyes. My beautiful moment crystalized into an invisible droplet, which I then gave Glasnost.

The room was small. There were three other ladies there, accompanied by their own waiters. In the center was a red robbed lady with a two-foot glass pipette. Beside her was Pamina, the Queen’s laughter, lying on a table, asleep with her mouth open.


The waiters whispered the beautiful thoughts to Red, and Red decanted them in Pamina’s mouth.

Glasnost told me I was one of twelve in the ceremony that night, and marked me with a blue ribbon and a Q. I felt super special.


Rejoining the rest of the guests, we were encouraged to explore. There were a slew of different performances going around the center stage, such as aerial robe.

At the very end of the theater, behind the curtains, was a small corridor. A couple other guests and I crowded around there, and saw Pamina bathing. One of my favorite moment of the night came next, when a guest noticed a faucet on the wall. Curious, he turned the knob and out poured a beer-colored liquid. He drank it and said it was delicious. I love these discoveries!


Aside from the mysteriously functional faucet, I love the door handles found throughout Queen of the Night. They’re shaped like handshakes!


The main event started quickly. Everyone was ushered to a table, and watched The Magic Flute play out on the center stage. It was a whirlwind of acrobatics. I recognized Tamino, Papageno, and Monostatos, but could not recognize Sarastro.


When dinner started, our table was given a cage of lobster! Everyone was super thrilled (maybe except Harry, who had to forage for vegetarian dishes). Our table also got to try pork and beef, since lobster was in high demand and people came to our table to trade their table’s dish for our lobster.

Rune, one of the waiters, stopped by to chat.

“Jenny, what does love feel like?”

“It makes you feel really happy.”

“Like candy.”



He laughed, and then hopped away for the post-dinner performance.

The rest of the night was blur. Everything was just so awesome.

Hope your Queen of the Night was as exciting as mine!

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