Print Comparisons – A Tale of Two Pudges

A Tale of Two Pudges

Left – Shapeways, Right – Sculpteo

I 3D printed one Pudge, a DOTA2 video game character, from Shapeways and another from Sculpteo.

What came out was excitedly surprising.

The Shapeways version was a lot more red/blue in tone and the Sculpteo version was more orange/brown. I’d assumed Shapeways and Sculpteo used the same ZCorp printers to print, but maybe they calibrate it differently.

Pudge prints

Left – Sculpteo, Right – Shapeways

I’m not sure which one is ‘more’ correct, but I like the Shapeways one better. The color contrast shows up better, and it’s just a tad less grainy.

Other differences:

Shapeways: $12, 10 days to arrive

Sculpteo: $22, 5 days to arrive

I think the color biases between the two Pudges are kind of neat. I’ll keep this information in mind the next time I choose a printing service.

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