Ski Trip at Vermont

I went skiing with a whole lotta folks this weekend. It was AWESOME!

We stayed in this gorgeous condo, and a neat little blue bus shuttled us to and fro from the mountain.


Harry and I befriended the super nice driver, Kevin. Once, he even dropped us off in front of our doorstep, instead of the bus stop a couple blocks away.


built by Harry

I had a lot of fun skiing.

I’m not a confident skier, so I went down at a snail pace. Harry went down the mountain with me, and  waited at all the plateaus… must’ve been a long time… ’cause for a while I fell and couldn’t get up… until an olde man skied by and physically lifted me… >___<


Back at the lodge, there’s thai noodles in green curry! I ate big bowls every day. So tasty :d

Such a great trip!

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