Sleep No More – Third Visit

Oh snap! Someone bought my Sleep No More fabric! I hope they make something cool with it.


It reminded of my last visit to the McKittrick, a couple months back.


I was far less enthused because it was my third visit, but the McKittrick surprised me.

A man, (whom I believe to be the Taxidermist), inspected the torn pages of a book in Gallow Green.

I tailed him closely for a couple of scenes. He returned to that Gallow Green shoppe, shoved me aside, picked the guest next to me for his 1-on-1, and slammed the door. I was so sad Mr. Taxidermist. I don’t mind not being picked but it hurts to be shoved.

I then wandered around and got to see Hecate! Finally!


She ate a raw steak and coughed up a ring. One guest tried to sit next to her as she was eating the steak, and was shoed away. She may have picked me for the ring, with her knife reflecting a light like a pointer, but I was too uncertain to step forward. Later, her lip synched to “Is That All There Is” and was handed a paper boat by another guest.

Wandering alone in the cemetery, I caught the Taxidermist(?) somberly strolling to a gravestone. He handed me his umbrella, and proceeded to bury the bones of a small creature.

Later I also saw a secret, acrobatic dance between him and the Sexy Witch in the autopsy room.

Somewhere in the mix of events, I saw Lady Macbeth washing her husband after the murder. She was such an awesome Lady Macbeth.

After the rave, I dashed after the Boy Witch, knowing his upcoming scene. I had never seen that scene before, but the fact I knew it was proof that I’ve become a  Sleep No More veteran.

In writing this post, I realized just how much I saw during my third visit. It was absolutely amazing.

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