World Maker Faire


The World Maker Faire was awesome!!!


  • 3D printing village: the machines, the prints, everything
  • Giant mousetrap
  • Free pouches of applesauce
  • Vegan paella
  • Gumball machine that dispensed candy with a text message
  • Pour-over coffee robot
  • Umbrella violin
  • Meeting Kacie (PrettySmallThings)
  • Tiny cupcakes
  • MakerShed

I also gave two intro to 3D printing talks for Make, and a sewing pattern generation talk. They were fun.

  1. Hey Jenny! I saw your great talk on getting started with 3d printing at MakerFaire. I haven’t got a printer yet – I’m planning on building one to make formers for fibreglass rocket nosecones – but I was realy interested in what you were saying about being able to take images of an object, upload them to the interweb somewhere and get a 3d model back that you can then tweak. Can you remind me of the place you werre talking about that did this?



  2. Great! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.


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