I’m a MAKE blogger!

I’m SOO HAPPY! I got an letter from Geekdad!


Geekdad is one of my favorite blogs, so getting an email from the Geekdad makes me pretty freakin’ estatic.

Geekdad said he liked one of my projects and asked if I’d be interested in reblogging it for MAKE.



I love everything about MAKE and the maker movement. It’s where I learn super cool stuffs like, how to dye your 3D prints.

For my  article, I’ll refurbish my tutorial on how to 3D print DOTA figurines to make it more applicable to more video games, so people can get custom miniatures of game characters. I’m a wee bit nervous ’cause so many people read MAKE.

Time to get super knowledgeable about 3D printing!

still super happy

thanks Geekdad


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