HuskyStarcraft Plays Dota Is Amazing

In my heart of hearts, I’m a Starcraft girl. Even though I’ve clocked eons more of DOTA hours, and I’m at the bottom of the Bronze league, I just love all the components of Starcraft so much more.


I actually really enjoy watching pro Starcraft, mostly because I’m in awe of their macro and micro skills. Recently I stumbled across a video of one the Starcraft casters, HuskyStarcraft, playing DOTA2 for the first time.

It was so good!


He’s an entertaining caster in general, but he views DOTA through the lens of Starcraft. The best line of the video was when a DOTA hero, Clinz, went invisible, and Husky said, “I don’t know how to get him out of cloak.”





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