Kindness of Strangers

So, today, while I was out strolling far away from home, a summer shower struck.

I quickly ducked into the only nearby shelter, the awning of a quaint hardware store.

Masse Hardware

Even after a long wait, the rain would not stop. Gallons poured from the sky, and I soon became imprisoned by the water fall.

While I fretted at the closing store and my imminent soaking, a friendly gentlemen approached me.


“Would you like a ride home?”

Hallelujah, I was saved!

This gentlemen and I conversed in his car. His name was Jonathan, and had been in the area for a long time.

He told about how the area has changed, and about his first job making prototypes for new lawnmowers and seeder sowers all the way back in 1966!

He was super awesome.

If it wasn’t for him, I would probably be drenched walking home in the rain. Thanks so much Jonathan!

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