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Craft Party

I went to an Etsy Craft Party a little while ago. I wanted to meet cool artsy folks and learn a bit about their craft.

We met at this awesome paint-your-own pottery place named The Clayroom. I’d never heard about this place before, so it was a wonderful discovery. I love the concept of paint-your-own pottery piece!


I saw a lot of awesome artists creating really cool-looking art. Unfortunately, I ran super late, so I only browsed around and talked to a few folks.

Maybe next time I’ll get to paint one as well!

Revolver Bound Notebooks came in the mail today.

last of their kind

I fell in love with these notebooks years ago, when I witnessed their incredible mechanic on YouTube: the ability to turn inside out!

I daydreamed about purchasing one with custom pages to keep track of life totals for Magic the Gathering. I’d roll in to Friday Night Magic, and bust out my Revolver! It would be perfect!

Alas, last last Monday, I discovered Revolver Bound Notebooks were discounted.

Frantic, I started calling up all the major vendors like Uncommon Goods. No one had any in-stock.

Out of desperation, I started emailing bloggers who’d once reviewed Revolver Bound Notebooks to see if I could purchase theirs. I also emailed any store that once carried these notebooks from Revolver Bound Notebook’s decaying Facebook page.

As luck would have it, Bookin’ It, a small bookstore in Minnesota had one last copy. As did Cynthia from JournalingArts. I quickly snatched the two up.

These may be the last two available, ever!

I’m not sure why these ridiculously awesome notebooks were discounted, but I was ridiculously lucky to get my hands on two.

They’re probably going to my most treasured notebooks.



I’m SOO HAPPY! I got an letter from Geekdad!


Geekdad is one of my favorite blogs, so getting an email from the Geekdad makes me pretty freakin’ estatic.

Geekdad said he liked one of my projects and asked if I’d be interested in reblogging it for MAKE.



I love everything about MAKE and the maker movement. It’s where I learn super cool stuffs like, how to dye your 3D prints.

For my  article, I’ll refurbish my tutorial on how to 3D print DOTA figurines to make it more applicable to more video games, so people can get custom miniatures of game characters. I’m a wee bit nervous ’cause so many people read MAKE.

Time to get super knowledgeable about 3D printing!

still super happy

thanks Geekdad