Bright yellow nails

After a oppressively gray winter, I was craving seriously craving some color.

Zoya nail polishes

To spruce up, I ordered some nail polish from Zoya.

Not only was I super intrigued by the happy yellow of Darcy and the spunky seafoam of Neely, (I was less excited about Blaze), Zoya had their Earth Day sale, which made everything awesomely half-priced.

When the package arrived, I jumped on Darcy.

Oh Yea

I felt pretty friggin’ sweet with bright yellow nails.

Though, when I laid down the first coat, I was at shocked at how streaky the formula was. It was a little gross. I couldn’t get anywhere near the smoothness in the photographs I saw online.


This was probably the first time I actually bought nail polish. I own two other beloved colors, like the awesome emerald from color club, but they were all given to me one way or another. This was fun. I might get more in the future.

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