Monthly Archives: May 2013

I was bummed at the Dragon’s Maze Pre-Release. I’d hoped for some awesome spells to buff  my Selesnya deck, but atlas, the heart of the cards wasn’t with me.

Voice of Resurgence

To make myself feel better, I decided to make a Voice of Resurgence Token.


Selesnya Token

This creature’s power and toughness are each equal to the number of creatures you control.


It’s my rendition of a promo creature token.


Yup, I know I like tokens, so I made a token of a token.

Today I came home to discover a surprise Birchbox!


My subscription ran out in March, so this was an extra surprise. I had received an email from Birchbox apologizing for not delivering the March box and sending a consolation, and assumed it was a wrongly addressed email.



Thank you Birchbox for the slew of goodies: amika Obliphica Hair Treatment, Isaac Mizrahi FABULOUS, COOLA Cucumber Moisturizer, and Cargo Lip Gloss.

My favorite is the extra find, a Pilot Acrobal pen.


It wrote in super smooth pink ink!
I love it!

It made me miss Lost Crates. I hope they come back.

Thank you Birchbox for this box of cheer!


Surprise! What greeted me in the mailbox today was a thank you gift from January’s campaign. It’s a hot pink lip tar from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, aptly named January Rising.

I don’t usually wear makeup, but I decided to try it out anyways.


It was shockingly bright on me.

Thank you January! Hope everything goes well.

Foodtruck Throwdown

I woke up bright and early this past Saturday and hit downtown Boston. There was gonna be a fight!

It was a battle between the tastiest food trucks from Boston and New York!

To savor the festivities, I decided to volunteer for the event. I spent my afternoon doling out ballots and doing some crowd control. Oh boy were the crowds large at trucks like Roxy’s Grilled Cheese.

Serious Business

I found out about this awesome event through Pennypackers, my favorite food truck.

They were competing in this food truck throwdown, and had an awesome catch phrase: “we will pork you.”


Pennypacker’s have a special place in my heart. They have this incredibly delicious porchetta sandwich. I feel like I’ve had all their seasonal incarnates, porchetta with rabe, prochetta with pickled fennel, porchetta with moustarda.

One afternoon, I strolled to Pennypacker’s, and was heartbroken when I saw they had ran out of porchetta. Before I said anything, Kevin, who I think is the owner, leaned closer across the truck window, and said,

“Jenny, if you want a porchetta, I think I have one left.”

Best moment of my life right there (at least for my tastebuds).


I watched the faces of the judges lit up as they tasted the Pennypacker’s porchetta. There was no way Pennypacker’s wouldn’t win.

They did win!

They won Best of Boston and Best Overall!

Congrats Pennypacker’s!