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the Banner Saga

Tom introduced me to Banner Saga, a delightful, viking-themed tactical combat game by Stoic.

upgraded units

I charge into the fray with my Warhawk and Bowmaster, and a medley of other warriors.

It’s super fun to maneuver around opponents and deal epic blows. Sometimes, though, I don’t have the best position. On times when I can land my 40% shots, I am ecstatic.


Juno has blessed me!

It’s Peppermint Butler time!

peppermint butler

I outfitted starlight mints into Peppermint Butlers (a character from Adventure Time) using 3D Studios Max and 3D printing technology.

Here’s how I modeled the pants:

The peppermint holder consists of three components: a front, a back, and an in-between.

For the back:

I first created a circle spline of radius 11, and then turned it into a hemi-circle spline by deleting the topmost point and connecting the remaining points. I then extruded the spline by 1 to create the back surface.

For the front:

Very similar to how I created the back, I used the same methods to create the front. I used Break to create additional points in the spline and connected them to form the V-neck.

For the in-between:

I cut a donut spline in half and extruded it by 11 to form the in-between slice.

work in progress

The arms and legs were just simple cylinders. The arm cylinders had a Bend modifier applied to them with angle 50.

With all my pieces positioned correctly, I attached them to a single mesh. At this point, there were overlapping vertices, which would cause problems in printing. To overcome this problem, I selected all of my points, welded them with the threshold 0.1.

With a complete model, I sent it off for printing. Shapeways and Sculpteo were two lovely services that handled all my 3D-printing needs.

standing butler

A little while later, my peppermints have pants!

My Foodsafe Peppermint Butler (large enough to hold the wrapper) measured 1.5 x 0.549 x 0.724 inches. My snuggier, Non-foodsafe Peppermint Butler measured 1.250 x 0.549 x 0.724 inches.

More pictures in my previous post.

Peppermint Butler

Once upon a time, I saw some starlight mints at a local CVS store.


From that day on, I decided to turn those mints into butlers, by 3D printing them some tiny pants.

The pants came in two sizes: foodsafe and non-foodsafe.

Foodsafe Peppermint Butler

Foodsafe Peppermint Butler

Non-foodsafe Peppermint Butler

Non-foodsafe Peppermint Butler

I painted faces on the Foodsafe Peppermint Butler.

The Non-foodsafe Peppermint Butler? Well, he’s a bit more naked…

getting dressed

getting dressed

Here’s some instructions to make your own.

Dominion on Isotropic is now closed.


Isotropic was a great server, hosting a wonderful version of Dominion for the world to play.

A few days before it closed, Curt, Elizabeth, and I played two epic games, as a farewell to Dominion on Isotropic. I won both games, due to extremely lucky draws.

Dominion on Isotropic was where I first learned to play Dominion. I remember partaking in epic games and dueling with friends. It had brought a lot of good times and will always have a special place in my heart.


How do you combat the cold and bitterness of a Bostonian winter?


On a particularly gray evenin’, my friends and I attended the 4th annual Boston Chili Cup.
For $10, we ate all sorts of delicious chili from a medley of restaurants.


My favorites were from Ned Devine’s and The North Star. Ned Devines’ was super comforting while The North Star’s had a hearty kick.

Unbeknownst to me, the event had live country music from the Herland Brothers. I love country music, so that was an awesome surprise.


The event ended with one of my friends, Dan, being interviewed by a small tv crew. He was INCREDIBLY AWKWARD during the interview. It was adorable.