I came home to find an amazing gift from Birgitte! I’m sooo happy at the moment!


First of all, she wrote a lovely card that said “Greetings”. It was perfect for me.

Her package included a packet of tea and four vials of Possets perfume:

Lovechild – Sweetbaby

Vanilla concentrated with lavender and amber

Lovechild – Meltbaby

Cherry, coconut, and rose. What a wonderful combination to which [Fabienne] added a bit of extra secret wonderfulness.

Xmas in New Orleans

A creamy thick white-flower floral that is, paradoxically enough, the essence of winter

Love on My Tongue

Fetching and unusual, a snow and strawberry blend

My favorites are Xmas in New Orleans and Love on My Tongue. Xmas in New Orleans was a light, clean rapture of flowers, blooming in the air. Sadly, it’s incredibly fleeting on me. Like the little match girl who lit the entire box of matches out of desperation, a part of me want to just douse myself with the entire vial. Love on My Tongue smelled like Strawberry Sour Punch Straws, just without the sour. It’s very reminiscent of my favorite candy. I can’t stop sniffing my wrists! It is soooo gooood.

Love on My Tongue

Thank you so much!!!

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