Last RTR Draft

A few weeks ago, a friend and I went to one of the last Magic the Gathering drafts for Return to Ravnica. I especially wanted to go, since, having attended the pre-release, the draft would be a wonderful way to close out the set.


In the first booster pack, I was greeted by Rakdos, Lord of Riots. Why yes, Mr. Rakdos Sir, I’ll certainly join your cult. I drafted red-black monsters and unleashed my Rakdos deck.

Opponent 1

My first opponent was a man I’d seen often at Friday Night Magic. He was a cheery seasoned player, with a devastating pack of rats. I lost to his rodent army very quickly. Mr. Rakdos was disappointed.

My second opponent had unlucky draws. While I was ecstatic about summoning Mr. Rakdos to the battlefield, he died before Mr. Rakdos had a chance to strike.


My third and final opponent was a lady with an awesome accent and an awesome pink sweater. Moments before, I saw her amazing Selesnya deck dealing punches, so I was a little scared. Against me, she drew no creatures with populate. We sparred back and forth, before she ultimately finally won. After the game, she invited me to a meetup of the local Lady Planeswalker Society. That sounded super sweet. I might just go and check it out.

Lady Planeswalker

This Return to Ravnica draft was super fun, loads more so than my last draft. I think I’ve gotten slightly better, and might win a few more games next time!

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