Monthly Archives: January 2013


Visio is my January game for One Game a Month. It features uncovering invisible wizards.

~Click to Play~

One Game a Month is like a yearlong game jam, where people make a game a month. I first heard about this through my roomie Tom, who convinced me to spend my time in other pursuits than DOTA. For January, my “other than DOTA” pursuit resulted in Visio.

Inspired by January’s optional theme, Portcullis, I originally wanted to make a game about a man-eating castle, with a portcullis for a mouth. Unsuspecting travelers would journey to the castle, only to be gobbled up. Wizards, however, gave the castle upset stomach, so they had to be kept out.

This idea eventually morphed in various forms, ending in Visio‘s Queen’s banning wizards from entering the castle.

Here’s a screenshot: