Monthly Archives: December 2012

It’s been a while since I experienced magic, a sense of childlike wonder, captivating the senses, rendering a world familiar yet new. It wasn’t off in Shangri-La that I found this magic. No. It was in a Best Buy store.

The day was cold and grey, not uncommon to winter season, and I was at the Galleria mall, returning an ill-fitting sweater. I walked briskly towards Best Buy, one of the myriad gateways into the commerce hub.

As I strolled past the games section, I paused. It was too early in the morning. The entire section was still, empty, just isles of inanimate games. The only noise was the low hum of electronics from far away.

I stepped into the stillness.


Big cartoonish letters bounced on screen. The Kinect saw me, and accepted me as its master. Perhaps a master very different from the last. Not a child rushing away to her parents’ call, but a being many years ancient and many years departed from the land of toys and bubbly characters.

With the wave of my hand, a new world opened up to me. I saw Woody. Woody, the cowboy from Toy Story, dashed and weaved in front of me.

C’mon c’mon, he waved.

I unintentionally turned my body slightly, and my toy robot avatar immediately reciprocated my movement.

Could it be…?
Maybe I should move my legs?

I started running in place, and the toy robot took off. In that single moment, I was an infant, learning how to walk/run/connect with that brightly colored world for the first time.

It was amazing!

I jumped, rolled, swirled left and right, and the toy robot hit every one of my motions on cue.


Pure magic.


One of my friends was leaving for Cali forever, and stayed with us for his last night in town.
Being the pusher of games (he’s the one who turned me into a DOTA2 fiend after years of non-gaming), he convinced me to play League of Legends with him.

Being pretty familiar with DOTA2, I thought my transition to League would be pretty smooth.
Oh boy was I wrong.
League was an entirely different beast.


For my first match, I picked Vladimir out of the medley of free-to-play characters. He seemed to be a chill fella. It was even kinda nifty that he used health for mana.

I cruised mid-lane until BAM! Akali popped out of nowhere and sliced away half of my health.


I spent the rest of the game streamrolled by Akali, until eventually, my friend stepped in and saved me.



My first game of League, I got rocked.