Birchbox + goop

Perhaps it was the end of Lost Crates, or my love of mail, but whatever it was, it instilled in me a horrible itch: a craving of a monthly subscription service.

I went for a Birchbox, over the vast number of other possibilities, drawn by their “lifestyle products.” They were partnering with goop, a chic lifestyle blog (with beautiful pictures of food that I aspire to make one day).

What I got:

beautyblender | the original beautyblender
This hot pink, egg-shaped sponge is suppose to give you a flawless blending of your foundation.  I’ll probably use it pressing on paint in stenciling shirts, since I don’t wear makeup.

Karuna | Hydrating Treatment Mask
I’ve never worn a mask before, so I gave it a whirl. It had the most magnetic light and healthy scent! I felt goofy with the mask on (I hid from my roomies to avoid their bouts of laughter). My skin felt super nice afterwards. It was awesome.

Sprout | Lip Balm Flights
I haven’t tried it so I can’t really comment. In general, lip balms made my lips even flakier. My goto remedy is a little bit of Rosebud Salve overnight. We’ll have to see how this compares.

Supergoop | City Sunscreen Serum
Mhmm mhmmm SPF. I always forget to get (and use) sunscreen, so a little packet is very welcome.

twistband | Hair Tie
I got a very lovely green hair tie, but, contrary to the description of it looking nice on one’s wrist, there’s no way to put it around mine when I don’t have my hair up, so it won’t get much love.

LUNA | LemonZest
Most people seemed to not like the presence of a LUNA bar in their Birchbox. I was actually super excited to try it. It wasn’t the best of snack bars (probably because the lemon was too strong), but still tasty.

Overall, I liked Birchbox. I love the idea of samples, got an interesting medley of products. However, not wearing makeup, I’m definitely not their primary audience, and probably won’t subscribe again.

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