Friday Night Magic


Pandemonium Books.

My friends and I descended into the dungeon of that bookstore to find a legion of Planeswalkers. Excitement and conviviality was in the air.

booster pack

We sat around long, mead-hall tables and cast our lot.
Rustle, rustle, pop.
Each of us drafted spells from Magic the Gathering booster packs.

When dueling time came, we sat among awesomely friendly folks and played epic games of Magic.

I just attended my first Friday Night Magic and it was awesome.
Despite being epically crushed in my first draft tournament, FNM turned out to be surprisingly fun.

My most pwned moment of the night was when my opponent switcherooed my Sentinel Spider and killed my own flying Primal Clay critter with it. Oof.

My friends fared far better than I. One of them almost went undefeated!
I’ll definitely planeswalk back again, especially once Magic returns to Ravnica.

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