Joy Potluck Club

It was a fun and festive night on Friday when one of my roomies got our friends together for a potluck. Our apartment became filled with awesome people and awesome food.
Under my roomie’s guidance, friends rotated in and out of the kitchen, to roll dumplings.
He taught them long guarded recipes and secret folding techniques. At least that’s what I imagined.

The whole affiar was a little bit nostalgic.
When I was a youngin’. I had wonderful grandparent-y neighbors who were Dumpling Masters.
They invited me over every time they made pork-and-cabbage-heaven-in-a-wrapper.
We would gather around the dining room for dumplings and story time.
In between the bites, I gleamed insights into a long-ago China. I learned a lot from these professors emeritus of Art and Chinese Literature. They were sages, full of accumulated wisdom and scholarly knowledge.
I miss them a lot.
Prof. Den and Xia

Despite careful instruction from the Dumpling Masters, I was never any good at making the dumplings. In a momentary panic, I dashed out to acquire the next best food for the potluck: KFC.

I bought a bucket of these fiery, glazed chicken wings from a newly opened BonChon.
Everyone enjoyed them.

The end of the night rolled around with all of us heartly enjoying ourselves.
The room filled with friendly chatter and general fun.
I applaud my roomie with this ingenious idea.
The potluck was super successful and everyone had a superb time.
Festiveness ensued.

On a not-so-distant Friday, perhaps we shall gather again for another round of Joy Potluck Club.

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