Midnight Magic

It had been a while since I stayed up till 5am. It had been a even longer while since I stayed up that late playing Magic the Gathering.

Two of my friends just got back in town, and we immediately started dueling till the wee hours of the morning.

Rolling up our sleeves, we each picked our flavor of Magic. One awakened the ancient beings from Domain of Planeshift. Another became Gideon Jura and wielded white spells from a PAX promotion. I beheld the creatures of Endless March.

After a few crushing defeats by Jura, I finally drew a good hand. It was a deadly combination. With my two Stormfront Riders and Whitemane Lion, I could generate hordes of white soldiers on a whim.
Stormfront Riders

The others began to fear me. They threw Exotic Curses at me and hit me with Banishment Decree. I clung to my dear life as I whittled theirs down.

Alas, I could not fall my foes. They, allied together, was too much. A Shattered Angel flew across the battlefield and dealt the killing blow.
Shattered Angel

Darn it, I was so close! We were all so close!
We just had to play one more game.

…and many many games later, it was 5am…

  1. Michael said:

    Gah! You’re making me so nostalgic!

    I think we’ll have to dig out our old crate of Magic cards and give it a go. 🙂

    • Jenny said:

      Awww. Do it! XD

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