Cape Cod

I’ve never been to Cape Cod.

So when my friends semi-spontaneously decided to head there for the weekend, I was super excited! We left late Friday and arrived at my friend’s awesome estate. I called it an estate because it was super big, looked out into the sea, and surrounded by lovely hydrangeas and lush greenery.

First night at Cape Cod was spent pressing our feet into ocean sand under the dark of night and wordcrafting in a cozy game of Scrabble.

Next morning was greeted with a vast array of different kinds of cereal!
It was such a rare opportunity to be able to mix the different cereals in a bowl.
The day just became amazing.

Up next: candy shop!
We walked around the quaint little town of Chatham and filled our sweet tooth at the Candy Manor. I sampled some super delicious/famous fudge of chocolate-raspberry-goodness and filled a bag with salt water taffies.
Hmm hmmm.
Upon return to the estate, hot from the walk, we ran into the cool, clear waters.
Splat splat!

To my surprise, the floor of the watery shore was mud, not sand.
I wiggled my toes in the muddy shallows and felt the brushing of swimming minnows that flocked around me. Large crabs also scurried every which way, sometimes startling me.

After a heartily-long time in the water, and after a very pleasant dinner with my friend’s family, my friends and I headed to Sundae School for an amazing treat.
I got a delicious scoop of raspberry oreo ice cream that could rival my longterm favorites.
ice cream

A beautiful electrical storm came over the cape that night. As rain downpoured outside and lightning lit up the sea, we all huddled on a wee-bit-too-small couch and watched Gravity Falls, a very endearing cartoon.

Gravity Falls

I got back today.

The trip to Cape Cod was amazing! I wish we could go on more of these epic adventures. Many thanks to my friend for putting up with our antics and providing his lovely home. Perhaps we shall return there someday!

Cape Cod

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