Lost Crates – July

Full of quaint charm, my July Lost Crate came in a paper-bag-brown cardboard box embellished with a smudged Air Mail stamp.

In contained some super nifty goods:

Carnet by Banditapple
Sized like a tall address book, my Carnet, upon opening, gave came this wonderful paper aroma, dying for the press of a inky pen. Cute golden frogs smiled from the cover, beckoning for some silly adventure to grace its lined pages.
I can’t wait to fill it once I get some inky pens and silly adventure.

0.25km Notebook by Couple D’Idees
I loved this notebook’s idea of looking back, after a bout of writer’s inspiration, and seeing words stringing a distance of quarter kilometer. With a sunny yellow cover, and healthily spaced lines, my 0.25km Notebook is quite the candidate for my next fun with words.


QWERTY pencils by Wild and Wolf
These QUERTY pencils were my favorite! The cardboard tube case was beautifully embellished with typewriter imagery, complete with a typewriter key for a lid. The pencils themselves, had the words “All work no play makes Jack a dull boy” pressed into their side. Love!
My July Lost Crate was awesome. I was pleasantly surprised that they changed the packaging from Aprils’. It really enhanced the experience. If Lost Crates keep up their delectable stationary picks, they’d be selling out all the time like they did this month.

I can’t wait for my next Lost Crate!

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