DIY Star Projector

Last Wednesday was surprise mail day!

A couple of weeks ago, I treated myself to something that had been on my wish list for a long time. Up until mail time, I had completely forgotten about the gift to myself.
I love you two-week-ago me!
note to self
My self-fulfilling surprise was a DIY Star Projector.
The kit was super easy to assemble. Infmetry provided a nifty instruction video, so I didn’t even bother with the manuals.

Halfway through assembling, I plugged my lamp in for the first time. My heart palpitated as I pressed the ON switch. Little did I know know I had nothing to worry about. This kit was super well designed. A lot of pieces had nice grooves for a quick, error-proof build.
My friends and I huddled in a dark closet to test out the projections. It was absolutely gorgeous. We were enveloped by the evening sky.
starsstars closeup

It reminded me of a night in the Negev desert. Laying on the roof of a caravan, I watched the entire Milky Way twinkle as shooting stars slinged across of my field of vision. It was incredibly beautiful.
Negev with Sirrice
I have to say, for $22, this projector is a super worthwhile investment.
It’s dim amber light makes it perfect for a night-light.
From now on, I’ll be swimming in stars as I slip off to dreamland.
It will be heavenly.

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