Olde Fwiend

“Friends come and go. All you can do is love them for the brief period they’re with you.”

That was one philosophy I ardently subscribed to. Growing up migrating from place to place, I felt the brunt of losing friends. Time always swept away the best of buds one right after another.
Yes, I had pigtails when I was younger
It wasn’t until I was much older that I discovered “keepers”.  These best-friend-forever peoples stuck by me through thick and thin. It was the first time I could see the same folks being in my life eons from now.

I had dinner with a “keeper” friend today, one I’ve not spoken to for a long time. We were once the movie-esque partners-in-crime, able to telepathically peer into each others’ minds. However, the sailin’ hadn’t smooth. We had fights, falling outs, and all sorts of #drama.

Tonight’s dinner went well. We reminisced about the past, caught up to the present, and plotted the future to come. I’m really glad of our colorful histories, and hope we can be chum for many years to come.


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