McKittrick pin, a gift from The Tablinum

There it was, a wax-sealed letter, inside a red-ribboned box.

Two deep breaths, one, two, a gentle pop of the bottom edge, and the thistle was in halves.
Enveloped in the letter was a McKittrick pin, handcrafted by The Tablinum.

I love presents, especially handcrafted ones. So, when The Tablinum offered me a pin, I was ecstatic! I traded some coins and cloth for this little treasure. It reminded me of my yesteryears when I exchanged crafted goods with others. They were always filled with surprises.

This surprise came with a intricate packaging incredibly fit for a Sleep No More memento. It brought back memories of all my wonderful experiences, including the wide-eyed wonder and breath-holding excitement.

Thank you so much for this gift!

  1. Michael said:

    You’re entirely welcome. I’m delighted you like the pin. Yours is the first one ever given to someone other than cast, crew, or close IRL friends.

    The packaging is the work of my wife (and fellow Sleep No More obsessive), Danielle. So your experience was a team effort. 😉

    [Incidentally, if it ever comes up again, feel free to use my name here; this facet of my life is public.]

    • Jenny said:

      Thanks to you both then! 😀

  2. Michael said:

    I intend to shamelessly rip off your bellhop-tipping trick, by the way, with a bit of a twist. I’ll keep you posted.

    • Jenny said:

      Absolutely feel free!
      I love how people bring new interactions to the show. XD

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