Washing Machine

My laundry basket was becoming Mount Everest. Ever since I moved to my new apartment, I haven’t been able to do laundry. The nearest laundromat was light-years away!
Mount Everest!
Today, before the rooster’s crow, my friend/roomie and I traveled to a distant land to purchase a washing machine. We entered a realm of lush trees and beautiful brick houses, a sight sorely missed in the city hubbub.

We had found this machine machine on Craiglist a few days ago and went to inspect the unit. It was a sturdy portable washer, the Haier HLP21E model. We were super delighted with this purchase. However, this little thing was a hefty 60 lbs!
The sellers took pity on our poor car-less souls. They offered to deliver the washing machine to us. What awesome folks!
With a little scouring on the internet, I found a manual online. Contrary to most instruction booklets, with serious business looking images, this one was filled with smiling cartoon people and anthropomorphic washers. It’s awesome!

Connecting the unit was simple enough. All the hoses were already in-place. However, right after I tightened the quick connect sink adapter, I discovered I was bleeding profusely from my hands! Beware! That thing is sharp!
My first load was laundry was a pajama pant. It came out squeaky clean.
I was super please with the washing machine, and learned a few tricks not covered in the manual. The facet can be left on since it auto adjusts the water level. Also, when there’s still a wee bit of water left, running a rinse/spin procedure will drain most of the water out.

Now, no more carting down laundry up and down stairs. No more walking for blocks to the laundromat. No more socks gobbled up by industrial washers.

This is luxury.

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