Last of the Chipotle Runs

It was a bittersweet moment when I sat across my friends today at the local Chipotle joint. While no one spoke the words, we all knew it was our last Chipotle run.

A few years ago, my friend Y2C and I started a tradition of corralling all our buds to go to Chipotle. Days before a run, we spammed our friends endlessly, proclaiming the glorious event. Eventually, we formed large mobs, and flooded Chipotle, occupying all available seats. When the feast ended, I always wrapped my leftovers in a characteristic burrito ball.
burrito ball

Today’s run was quiet. There were no emails. There were no mobs. It was just  Y2C and her boyfriend Cmerrill. They were both leaving for sunny California.

We ate. We talked. We hugged goodbye.

Have fun in California!
I’ll miss you guys.

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