Moving Week – UHaul Adventures

Moving week!

It was that time of the year again. The hustle and bustle of daily life suddenly transformed into a mad dash of stuffing everything in oh-too-full boxes.

too-full box
I woke up bright and early on moving day to pick up a reserved cargo van. Unfortunately, my promiscuous van went out on town with another fellow.
cargo van
The customer service representatives panicked. They were out of everything! Quick strokes on keyboards and a series of phone calls solved nothing.  Just when all hope was lost, a lady strolled in to return her UHaul.


I signed the paperwork and started to head out the door. Another lady in a nearby isle stopped me. She had artwork on display and needed to take them down by the end of the day. She asked if I could help transport those pieces, since there were no vehicles left.

“Why not,” I thought, “Time for an adventure!”

This was how I met Camila, an artist who created large mix-media murals. Her paintings had a very raw emotion feel with its thick layers of dollopy paint. We packed up her works and drove to her apartment.
We had afternoon orange juice time.

It was fun.

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