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Yesterday kicked off with me riding a motorcycle for the time time!


image courtesy of Dan

vroom vroom

image courtesy of Dan

I strapped on my helmet, climbed aboard my friend’s sexy motorcycle, and held on for dear life as we cruised oh-so-fast along the shorelines. Wind lashed against my face, sharply reminding me of the tremendous speed we travelled at, a sense dulled in shielded car rides. It was exhilarating!

Later that night, the city organized a dance party in the streets. The atmosphere was phenomenal. People packed the streets, and music blared from giant speakers.
My friends and I crowded around a bus stop and wiggled our bodies to the rhythm.
Oh Fridays, you are always such good times.

Last Monday, my friends and I arrived at a new hexagonal land peaking above the seas. We each cast our dice and picked plots to grow our own colonies.
Setters of Catan

The early times were hard. Wheat and sheep were in short supply.
The luckier of us had homesteads near forests and built roads to lands yonder.

Soon, coal became vastly abundant, and settlements quickly developed into cities. Resources were plentiful, trade was booming, and ports bustled with activity.

Alas, all was not well. Robbers were rampant. Each one of us summoned armies to defend our strongholds.

In the end, one the almighty conquer emerged from this land. With his long roads and monopoly on wood, he grew expansions after expansions.
It was a fun game of Settlers of Catan.

Last Wednesday was surprise mail day!

A couple of weeks ago, I treated myself to something that had been on my wish list for a long time. Up until mail time, I had completely forgotten about the gift to myself.
I love you two-week-ago me!
note to self
My self-fulfilling surprise was a DIY Star Projector.
The kit was super easy to assemble. Infmetry provided a nifty instruction video, so I didn’t even bother with the manuals.

Halfway through assembling, I plugged my lamp in for the first time. My heart palpitated as I pressed the ON switch. Little did I know know I had nothing to worry about. This kit was super well designed. A lot of pieces had nice grooves for a quick, error-proof build.
My friends and I huddled in a dark closet to test out the projections. It was absolutely gorgeous. We were enveloped by the evening sky.
starsstars closeup

It reminded me of a night in the Negev desert. Laying on the roof of a caravan, I watched the entire Milky Way twinkle as shooting stars slinged across of my field of vision. It was incredibly beautiful.
Negev with Sirrice
I have to say, for $22, this projector is a super worthwhile investment.
It’s dim amber light makes it perfect for a night-light.
From now on, I’ll be swimming in stars as I slip off to dreamland.
It will be heavenly.

“Friends come and go. All you can do is love them for the brief period they’re with you.”

That was one philosophy I ardently subscribed to. Growing up migrating from place to place, I felt the brunt of losing friends. Time always swept away the best of buds one right after another.
Yes, I had pigtails when I was younger
It wasn’t until I was much older that I discovered “keepers”.  These best-friend-forever peoples stuck by me through thick and thin. It was the first time I could see the same folks being in my life eons from now.

I had dinner with a “keeper” friend today, one I’ve not spoken to for a long time. We were once the movie-esque partners-in-crime, able to telepathically peer into each others’ minds. However, the sailin’ hadn’t smooth. We had fights, falling outs, and all sorts of #drama.

Tonight’s dinner went well. We reminisced about the past, caught up to the present, and plotted the future to come. I’m really glad of our colorful histories, and hope we can be chum for many years to come.


I was there in the beginning.

Not the very beginning, though.
The tearing down of the abandoned warehouse there was before my time.

Now the lot was just hard concrete, desolate and overrun with weeds.

One chancy weekend stroll led me to discover a budding tent there, hoisted by hard-helmeted men in neon green. Over the next few weeks, I witnessed the slow blossoming of the grand chapiteau. Its yellow and blue tendrils swirled to the sky. Carnival music emanated from the tent grounds in late evenings, filling the air with a sense of mystérie. I always peered hard through the surrounding chain-link fence. What could it be?
Grand Chapiteau
It was Cirque du Soleil!

TOTEM was in town, and with it came large crowds to this quiet harbor district.
Cheery people flooded the streets after each show. It reminded me of my first Cirque Du Soleil experience, Quidam.

The many years before Quidam, Cirque du Soleil and I revolved like sun and moon, never to be at the same place same time. Our eclipse finally occurred September of last year, when Quidam performed at a nearby arena. I was so thrilled to have my dream of seeing a circus fulfilled that I failed to realize a crucial fact: the “circus of the sun” was not actually a circus. The discovery did not disappoint me. Instead of elephants and clowns, I experienced a new kind of wonder with dazzling acrobatics and aerial contortionists. Zoé, the girl with the red balloon, and Quidam, the faceless man, captured my heart. It was a sweet and lighthearted version of Coraline. I loved it.
This weekend, I got to see TOTEM. Weeks of anticipation came to a head when I took my first step into beckoning canvas. It was marvelous: the buttery aroma of popcorn, the red-nosed ladies and gents, the unbelievably large big top.

A disco-ball-esque Crystal Man ignited the show. Glisening frogs trampolined around a carapace. Unicyclist ladies juggled cups on their heads. It was one breathtakingly exciting feat after another!

The Tracker was my new Quidam. Twirling his top hat, he was a meister of light and shadows.
Overall, TOTEM was less cohesively themed than Quidam. However, it was just as impressive. Its variety of performances kept everyone glued to the scene. Its moving set and mechanical drawbridge was so beautifully engineered. It was definitely the highlight of my weekend.

Bienvenue Cirque du Soleil!
J’ai adoré TOTEM! Tu vas me manquer lorsque vous quittez. Revenez bientôt!

There it was, a wax-sealed letter, inside a red-ribboned box.

Two deep breaths, one, two, a gentle pop of the bottom edge, and the thistle was in halves.
Enveloped in the letter was a McKittrick pin, handcrafted by The Tablinum.

I love presents, especially handcrafted ones. So, when The Tablinum offered me a pin, I was ecstatic! I traded some coins and cloth for this little treasure. It reminded me of my yesteryears when I exchanged crafted goods with others. They were always filled with surprises.

This surprise came with a intricate packaging incredibly fit for a Sleep No More memento. It brought back memories of all my wonderful experiences, including the wide-eyed wonder and breath-holding excitement.

Thank you so much for this gift!

My laundry basket was becoming Mount Everest. Ever since I moved to my new apartment, I haven’t been able to do laundry. The nearest laundromat was light-years away!
Mount Everest!
Today, before the rooster’s crow, my friend/roomie and I traveled to a distant land to purchase a washing machine. We entered a realm of lush trees and beautiful brick houses, a sight sorely missed in the city hubbub.

We had found this machine machine on Craiglist a few days ago and went to inspect the unit. It was a sturdy portable washer, the Haier HLP21E model. We were super delighted with this purchase. However, this little thing was a hefty 60 lbs!
The sellers took pity on our poor car-less souls. They offered to deliver the washing machine to us. What awesome folks!
With a little scouring on the internet, I found a manual online. Contrary to most instruction booklets, with serious business looking images, this one was filled with smiling cartoon people and anthropomorphic washers. It’s awesome!

Connecting the unit was simple enough. All the hoses were already in-place. However, right after I tightened the quick connect sink adapter, I discovered I was bleeding profusely from my hands! Beware! That thing is sharp!
My first load was laundry was a pajama pant. It came out squeaky clean.
I was super please with the washing machine, and learned a few tricks not covered in the manual. The facet can be left on since it auto adjusts the water level. Also, when there’s still a wee bit of water left, running a rinse/spin procedure will drain most of the water out.

Now, no more carting down laundry up and down stairs. No more walking for blocks to the laundromat. No more socks gobbled up by industrial washers.

This is luxury.