Sleep No More – my second experience – lastly

The end of my night was a blur.
Here were some of the more lucid moments…

Most Suspenseful :
Everyone held their breath as Malcom lathered up Duncan for a shave…perhaps the closest he ever gave…

Most Aha!-I’ve-Seen-A-Photo-of-This! :
Mad Lady Macbeth sat in a bathtub, after being undressed by the nurse.

Most Rapid Transition from Adorable to Unsettling :
The taxidermist stitched close a teddy bear (aww) and laid it in a crib surrounded by headless dolls (creepy!).

Most Spoiled by the Theater Program:

Most Awkward:
I met scorchedthesnake. Instead of striking up a normal conversation, I tapped him on the shoulder, gave him a coin, and ran away. I’m not usually this awkward in real life, I promise!

Most Celebrity-like:
“Come quick! Look at her dress!” One of the coat checkers called to the other, before handing me my coat. Frequent revisitors probably got greetings all the time, but I felt super special.
coat check

My second Sleep No More experience was SPECTACULAR!
I had an amazing time bombarded by all sorts of surprises.
It was a significant improvement on my first trip.

Now the question is…should I go back?

    • Jenny said:

      I’m so tempted…but it’s kinda far…. T____T
      Actually, when-strange-becomes-normal sent me a message last night, and refined what far means.
      I have so much respect for people going huge distances to see the show.

      • I guess my question was rhetorical. I completely knew Malcolm was played by Zach from your drawing, although I had never seen him in that part. It’s a testament to your talent!

        My brother has been here from Phoenix 4 times (seen it 6). He is coming next month and will be seeing it 6 times in 4 days.

  1. Wait! Was Zach on as Malcolm? That drawing looks just like Zach!

    • Jenny said:

      I don’t know the actors, but according to scorchedthesnake’s Number Twenty-Four: “ZACH MCNALLY [W]AS MALCOLM!!”

  2. HH said:

    I have a feeling that you’ll be compelled to return, Sleep No More “has you” now.

    Speaking of which, did you encounter Hecate? I was hoping to see your artistic rendition of the woman in red…

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