Sleep No More – my second experience

It’s hard for mindblown individuals to tell tales, so I can only try.

Spoilers Below

“Look at this one. She looks so innocent but we know what she really is.”
Faye nudged my shoulder as I entered the elevator waiting area.

She was absolutely right. I was about to pull an insane stunt: tipping the Bellhop.
As the next-to-last person off the elevator, I saw the Bellhop pressed up against the steel blue walls, hands held in. A hairline before stepping off, I turned. I stared into his eyes while extending out a coin. He looked back with eyes of confusion and solemnity. After a motionless eternity, I pressed the coin into his folded hand, and then dashed off to my adventures.

Handing of the Coin

To the Bellhop, I was probably a madwoman who just gave him a rusty quarter. To me, the Bellhop just experienced my 1:1, with all the elements: surprise, confusion, and souvenir. My rusty quarter was double-headed coin embellished with the McKittrick thistle. The bold always made their own Fortunes.

After my crazy experiment, I found myself in King James Sanitorium. A nurse glided through like a wandering spirit. To my incredulity, no one else was in sight. I immediately started to follow her. She came to a doorway, paused, and stared into my eyes, with a frighteningly intense gaze. Slowly, she reached out her hand.
Hesitantly, I took it.

She unlocked a black door and she beckoned me inside.
Black Door
I entered.

I entered a place of fear.
The door locked behind me.
The rooms reverberated with demonic banging of exorcism-intensity.
The nurse was a looming shadow, seating me on a therapist char.

She peeled off my mask, and laid me down, and with a blanket, tucked me in. She then pressed her breathlessly still face oh-so-close to mine.

Suddenly a wall lit up with words prophesying Duncan’s death.

The nurse coughed violently into her hand, revealing a nail!

Ushered out in seconds, I was left with only a whisper: “don’t tell a soul”.

To Be Continued…

  1. HH said:

    This is wonderful, can’t wait for more story. I “tipped” a character once after a one-on-one, not sure if they ever found my little thank-you card/souvenir. Welcome to the sleepalo club. -HH

    • Jenny said:

      What was on the thank-you card? How did you leave it?
      Tell more! 😀
      I’m always intrigued by guest-created experiences.

      • HH said:

        The card was from the NoMad Hotel, where my friend was staying. It was designed by WANT and simply said “Where have you been all our lives?” I had it with me and figured I’d pass it on to a performer… it turned out to be the Taxidermist, after our very prolonged 1:1 (he slipped a message in my shirt pocket, and when he hugged me I slipped the card into his pants pocket).

        I was mostly inspired to do this because the night before I had received a pouch full of protective herbs from the fortune teller in the Manderley, which she said I could carry with me “or pass along.” I wore it around my wrist during that night’s show, and this may have been the reason I was pulled into six 1:1s. I hoped to pass the pouch along to the cast member that escorted me out/unmasked me at the end (turned out to be the Porter), but I couldn’t get it off my wrist in time, so I just hung it on the sign for the VIP section of the Manderley and peaced out.

        I love this show (and your drawings/crafts).

      • Jenny said:

        Holy smokes that is awesome XD
        That card is super perfect!

        Sleep No More is amazing, and thanks 😀

  2. Freakin’ AWESOME coins! I got the McKittrick thistle tattooed on my forearm. I LOVE it!

    • Jenny said:

      Thank you!
      You are so hardcore, respect++

  3. What a great idea! Where did you get the coin?

    You’re lucky. I encountered the nurse at the top of the show and watched her collect and then wash laundry for a quite a while. No 1:1 ensued.

    • Jenny said:

      I made the coin XD
      It took a couple tries to figure stuff out, but I think it came out pretty ok.
      I was super surprised by the nurse, and super freaked out…

      • Michael said:

        Is it acid etched? It looks really good. 🙂

      • Jenny said:

        Yup! It’s acid etched brass. 🙂

      • Michael said:

        Very nice. Did you shape the resist by hand, or use a printer trick? I’ve considered trying the printer process, and instructions I’ve seen have been… ah, _inconsistently_ helpful. 😉

      • Jenny said:

        I used the printer trick. I basically followed:
        A couple things I noticed were: the iron has to be super hot for the ink to transfer, the parchment paper helps you not burn your hand, and it matters which side faces down in the bath.
        Let me know if you want more info! I’d be happy to help. 🙂

    • Michael said:

      Ooh… Using a transparency is a really good idea.

      Thanks very much for the pointer. I’ve been meaning to attempt etching the grid pattern onto one of my McKittrick thistle pins; there are a few other projects in the queue first, but this is definitely looking more plausible.

      • Jenny said:

        Those pins are amazing.

        I saw them a while ago on Tumblr.
        I have zero skill in working with actual tools, so I’m super impressed.

      • Michael said:

        Aww, thank you.

        These days you can see them up close on the McKittrick security guys, and on some of the Manderley staff (more of them, after I make the next delivery on the 21st).

      • Jenny said:

        HOLY SMOKES!
        THAT’S TOO COOL!

        Where can I sign up? :O

  4. Winkye said:

    love this! I’m impressed by your courage. hahaha

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