Delightful Rot

“Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in” ~ The Godfather

I thought I was done with my perfume hobby, for a little while at least. I’d given away my unloved vials and trimmed my collection to the bare necessities. Then, I discovered Delightful Rot.

Delightful Rot Perfumery is a rather new yet intriguing perfume shop. It reminded me of a spunkier BPAL. I just had to try the scents!

With my super picky nose, I was surprised that I liked quite a few of the samples.

Here are my favorites:

Delightful Rot says: A beautiful, alluring woman, blessed by the fairy, this scent reflects an entirely girly and sexy combination of pink grapefruit and sweet ginger, with sassy hints of pink peppercorn and a light musk.
I say: Sweet pink grapefruit, with none of the bitterness.

67 Chevy Impala
Chevy Impala
Delightful Rot says: Bay rum, spiked with graveyard dirt, gunpowder, a touch of leather and a ring of salt, with an overtone of masculine musk.
I say: it started as a generic masculine perfume, but then turned into a smokier and darker Hunter.
This is Delightful Rot’s most popular scent. It initially drew me to Delightful Rot because I mistakenly thought it referenced a song by Evelyn Evelyn, where a 69 Chevy Impala was mentioned.

Blood Bath
Blood Bath
Delightful Rot says: Crisp water soaked with rose petals and a trickle of blood and musk.
I say: This may be the first rose that I can wear! It smells like a gentler version of Tea Rose from The Body Shop.

Sonic Screwdriver
Sonic Screwdriver
Delightful Rot says: Sweeter than the Tardis, this scent is based in the same blue tone, but much more vibrant, with hints of heat and light in the form of mandarin and passion flower.
I say: Initially, it smelled a little like cough syrup, which was rather off-putting. Then, it morphed into the most wonderful lemonade. Since the lemonade was so delicious, I forgave the offending cough syrup.

Delightful Rot says: A sweet fragrance, reminiscent of your favorite bubble tea!
I say: Sticky rice in coconut milk, the kind that’s usually served with mangoes.

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