I attended a wedding this weekend at the Codman Estate.
It was beautiful.

The venue was a picturesque Italian garden centered around a long lily-filled reflecting pool.
The sun peered through trees and Greek columns, illuminating the altar.

Songs of birds and violins welcomed the wedding party.
The groomsmen were in handsome tuxedos and the bridesmaids were in beautiful teal dresses.

The bride and groom, Lis and Mike, were an incredibly lovely couple.
Lis and Mike

The entire ceremony was wonderful.

I was super delighted with the tiny details.
The wedding had a hint of ancient Greek theme. The centerpieces of the reception tables were statuettes of Greek gods and goddesses. The bride and groom sat with their families at the table of Hera. I sat at the table of Aphrodite, with other close friends of the family.

I absolutely loved the small Dionysus at the bar.

This was the first time I’d been a guest.
It was an amazing experience.
I shall judge all other weddings based on this one.
They have set the bar high.

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