The Donkey Show


Last Saturday, I boogied till midnight at The Donkey Show.
It was tons of fun!


The Donkey Show is a retelling of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream set in a 70’s disco club. The story unravels around you as you jiggy on the dance floor. It’s a definite recommendation for any adventurer.

Spoilers Below

Excitement was rising – countdown was gettin’ low.
According to my sources, Club Oberon was the place to go.
‘Cause that night for the first time, just about half-past ten,
for the first time in history, it was raining glittery men!

Club Oberon

At the sound of the Weather Girls’ music, I joined the enthusiastic crowd on the dancing floor, groovin’ around four go-go boys on pedestals.

Go Go Boy

Club owner, Oberon, greeted us from the DJ booth and introduced his beautiful disco queen, Tytania.
Oberon and Tytania

Amidst the dancing, unrequited love was afoot.
Mia was in love with Sanders who was in love with Helene who was in love with Dimitri.
Love Rectangle

Trouble also climaxed between Oberon and Tytania.
Please don’t talk about love tonight,” stormed Tytania. Oberon’s sweet talkin’ couldn’t make it right. 
Love and lies just brought her down, when Oberon got women all over town.
“You can love them all and when you’re through, maybe that’ll make, huh, a man out of you.”
Tytania went to where the people danced. She wanted some action … She wanted to live!
She stepped onto the bar counter and stripped a guest of his shirt.

Oberon went into a jealous fury!
He and Puck concocted a plan for revenge. 
While Tytania was resting, Oberon fed her some questionable substances.

When Tytania woke, she spotted a hilarious donkey, and felt the effects of the drug.
The night was young and full of possibilities. Well, she let herself be free.
Her love for the donkey, oh how she’d been sayin’. That night was made for her and it.
She wanted the donkey to ring her be-e-ell, ring her bell.
Donkey Butterfly

Meanwhile, Dimitri and Sanders, returning from a trippy room, both felt a miracle when they saw Mia.
The two men were now chasing Mia, while Helen struggled on the sidelines.

Finally, Puck ended the mad pursuit, through the use of more questionable substances.
Two couples emerged from the chaos, earning a large round of applause.

Suddenly, the music dropped.

“Are you ready for some adult entertainment?”
Oberon announced as he led the donkey to the front of the disco room.
The go-go boys carried out Tytania.

What happened next? Well, you’ll just have to see the show for yourself.

End of Spoilers

I really enjoyed the Donkey Show.
I loved the name Club Oberon. The double reference to the name of the theater and the king of the faeries was too perfect.
My fondest memory of the night was when I arrived at the club. I was greeted by two hilarious gentleman flirting with all the ladies. One of them took my hand, gave me a wink, and complimented on my smile, to which I turned turned bright red.

It was an awesome night.

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