Subway Musician

I have what my friends call “agrarian fantasies”.
I daydream about what’s it like to live in the good olde days, out by some country side.
Country Girl
I’d be pickling beautiful jars of vegetables, in a cozy farm house.
In the summer, I’d lay in the field of wild grass, surrounded by fireflies.
I love these romantic reveries.
<img class="alignnone" title="fireflies <3" src="; alt="fireflies
I also have not-so-agregrian fantasies, such as becoming a subway musician.
Something about strumming some beautiful chord in a noisy city station appeals to me.
Subway cars’ll unload busy crowds rushing towards to their lives.
Somewhere, an ear’ll pick up the sweet sound of music and pause for an ever-so slight second.
At that moment, a secret gift has been exchanged.

To revel in my fantasy, I’m picking up guitar!
I’m in no way musically gifted.
As long as I keep a good attitude about it, I’ll be playing in subway stations in no time.
See you at the next stop!
Subway musician

In other news, my big Sleep No More project is coming alone nicely. Supplies are on their way!
project preview

*Edit: here’s the finished project

  1. Michelle said:

    I share your country side dreams… As for your subway dreams – this might fuel your inspiration: My favorite subway musician 🙂

    • Jenny said:

      That is super cool!

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