Sleep No More

Sleep No More is the best show ever! It’s immersive entertainment based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. You start off checking in at the McKittrick Hotel, and then explore five floors of gorgeous film noir setting.

You meet stunning characters, and watch how their actions intertwine.


I saw Sleep No More in January and raved it to everyone. It was unbelievably awesome!
One of my friends was intrigued and went to go see it yesterday. We compared stories today.

I’d missed so much! For me, I arrived late to the show and had to leave early, so I rushed. I only caught glimpses of crucial scenes!

I’m definitely seeing this again!

No spoilers in this post, but I’ll put up a summary of my and my friend’s experience after the show’s run is over.

Right now, I’m super inspired by Sleep No More. My next few projects will be heavy on this theme.

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