Jace – update!

Project Jace has been re-ignited!

I was super inspired by the handmade BJD Flickr group.

I met the wonderful SweetieFatale there.
She sent me some useful information on BJD anatomy.
She’s also making her own BJD, Fausto.
I’m very impressed with her sculpturing abilities.
Follow us on our adventures in DIY BJD!

As an update on my side, Jace now has eyes!

Fitting the eyes was a bit tricky. I bought a pair of commercial BJD eyes a long time ago but they didn’t fit. I didn’t realize to make the inside of Jace’s eye sockets perfectly round.

I used instead polymorph plastic. They are plastic with very low melting temperate. I popped a few of the beads into hot water and then gently molded them. It re-solidified into hard white plastic.

I printed out a pupil and iris and glued it on with clear nail polish.

Ta da!

I was once blind, but now I see

Modeling Jace’s body will come a bit later, since I don’t have any of the software set up. But it will come 🙂

[read part 1 here]

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