Cords were always cluttering my desk. I could never find a place to put anything down.

No more!
I designed the cor(d)set to cinch the cables together. One sweep can clear everything away!

I used Grace’s Garden print, by Sweetwater for Moda, for a little whimsy and the LEDs for a little excitement.

Graces Garden
Cor(d)set is made from small squares (from one fat quarter of a Moda Precuts bundle) quilted together with batting in-between. Being my first time quilting, I think it came out pretty well. I learned a lot from wonderful tutorials online. My tiny Continental Electric pulled through for me.
blink blink

It was also my first eTextile project! It was surprisingly easy. I found the Aniomagic Sparkle to be a great first microcontroller for eTextiles. There are others like Lilypad and Flower, but those are more involved. Building the LED circuit was super fun. A little work for a lot of pizzazz!


See it in action:

*The credit for the name goes to a very awesome friend, Stephie.

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