Jace – 3D printed BJD

I came across Asian ball-jointed dolls, BJDs, on the internet a few years ago. Their stunning Anime eyes and detailed features enthralled me. They were hauntingly beautiful.
I wanted a BJD. Even though I was past the age of dressing up dolls, I wanted to replicate the gorgeous photos I’ve seen of them. Sadly, I couldn’t afford the cost, and gave up the dream.
No Monies
A year later, I discovered Shapeways, a custom 3D printing company.
Eureka! I could 3D print my BJD!
lightbulb moment
I worked continuously and obsessively for a few days, and atlas, Jace was born!
Jace 3D model
I rushed to get it printed, and a week later, it arrived!

Jace's here!

The beautiful BJD head had a soft expression that begged to be painted. I took some spray paint and chalk and gave it a rudimentary faceup, makeup for BJDs.


Jace 2

Jace 3
Unfortunately, project Jace has been on a semipermanent hiatus. At the time, it wasn’t cost effective to 3D print the rest of Jace. Also, a lot of personal issues came up, and I couldn’t motivate myself to spend time on Jace.

Nowadays, the cost of 3D printing has gone down. Maybe one day, I’ll return to finishing this little fella.

*Edit: Updated Here!

  1. Intersting post.So this is how 3d printing looks like. Don’t really understand how you can “print” in 3d though, maybe you can tell me more about the 3d digital world/printing.Or is there a blog post about this somewhere here ? greetings

    • Jenny said:

      Here’s a video showing how they do it at Shapeways: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBNGnfoGGfQ
      Basically they use a lot of powder and a laser.
      When the laser hits certain points, the powder turns solid.
      You give the laser instructions to make your model, by creating a digital version.
      Hope this helps πŸ™‚

    • Jenny said:

      thanks! πŸ™‚

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