Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Snake Oil


Lured by these exotic names, I explored the wild world of etailers and perfume oils.
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, or BPAL, is a purveyor of perfume oils, concentrated bottles of pure scent goodness. They offer numerous general catalog and limited edition scents, in full bottles as well as samples, affectionately known as Imp’s Ears.
Imp's Ear
BPAL has a strong cult following. Born from enthusiasts, a loving community at was formed. Aside from the thousands of reviews, there’s a wonderful Swaps section. It was from Swaps that I was able to sample over a hundred BPAL scents.
sniff sniff
Unfortunately, after the samplings, I realize that I don’t actually enjoy many flavors of BPAL. However, I simply adore the BPAL community. The folks at are among the friendliest I know. I think the Pay It Forward section exemplifies the attitude most forumites have: “you don’t pay love back; you pay it forward.” If you have the blues, chances are someone will offer to cheer you up with some sweet treats or Imp’s Ears.
Pay Love Forward
I’m glad BPAL has led me to such a wonderful community. It ranks high as one of my favorite things.

  1. Shel said:

    BPAL forums rock. Even if I didn’t like a single fragrance, (which definitely is NOT the case, just ask my bank balance!), I’d hang around the forums, just for the people. I’ve made two really close friends there, and it’s my favorite place to hang out online.

    • Jenny said:

      It’s a great place. I’ve definitely met some very cool people there as well.

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