Vera Wang 194 Auburn

I got a new pair of glasses today!
It’s my first pair of plastic frames. I’ve always had metal framed glasses, and had metal semi-rimless for a really long time. Now, It’s a new year; I’m switching it up.

I went to the optometrist six months ago to update my prescription. I needed a new pair of glasses but was super hesitant to shell out $150 for one.
A friend recommended Zenni Optical, an online store for prescription glasses. Initially, I was super excited because they had cheap glasses. $7 could land you a frame with lens! I bought three pairs for about $50, just to try different styles.

Zenni Optical glasses were terrible! I had imagined the glasses would be low quality given their price, but these were worse than I’d thought! Not only did they fit awkwardly, but also their anti-glare coating reflected weird colors. One pair even seemed to have the wrong prescription! I couldn’t focus my eyes at all when wearing that pair. It was super strong and gave me headaches!
I was about to give up online ordering when I saw a promotion at Coastal: FIRST PAIR FREE! I took up the offer. I spent a long time deliberating which frame to get. Googling advice sites were once again unhelpful. I could not distinguish the different face shapes. It seemed everyone had an oval face.
everyone has ovals!
After many hours perusing the site, I finally decided on Vera Wang 194 Auburn for my “oval” face.
vera wang 194
It was one of the few that had reviews.
It came in the mail today and looked spiffy. The lady adjusting my frame at Lenscrafters even complimented on their shape!

I decided to return my pairs from Zenni Optical. They only do 50% refund, and only if you return within 30 days. Buyer beware!
No Zenni Yes Coastal

I love with my new pair of glasses.

*I am not paid to endorse anyone

  1. Ericasky said:

    I would just like to interject here a tad.

    I have always used zenni and love it-but my first experience was TERRIBLE! I had all the same side effects. When I contacted zenni about returning the glasses they told me the same return policy. However, they also informed me of how important it was that my PD (Pupillary Distance: the distance between your pupils) is. So I decided to give them one last shot since they are so cheap and my mom was ordering a pair so I could just tack my order onto hers (LOVE that flat rate shipping!). I remeasured (with some help) and reordered with my new PD number. SO MUCH BETTER! Maybe you should give it another shot, too?

    I have never tried coastal but if the first pair is free I will have to give it a turn. Thanks for the review!

    • Jenny said:

      Thanks for the info. I didn’t think PD was super important, since it’s not usually on prescriptions. I may consider Zenni Optical again in the distant future.
      Their customer service was pretty nice, and walked me through how to return the glasses without much hassle.

      • Denise said:

        The PD (pupil distance) is extremely important and it’s a good idea to get someone to help you out when you’re measuring with a ruler as you’re suppose to look off into the distance…I tried measuring my own in a mirror with not great results. Anyway, I’m a huge fan of ZenniOptical and have ordered many pairs. As for their customer service, I’ve always had a good experience but I have heard of people having some problems with returns.

  2. Sandy825 said:

    Yeah! Coastal is great! I have got many pairs of contacts from them. Very impressed!! I also got some eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. I can’t beat their prices! I do not expect so much as they are all under $20 including shipping. Some of my glasses even surpass my expectation. Maybe I’m so lucky. LOL.

    • Jenny said:

      Maybe XD
      My friend really likes Zenni so maybe *I’m* the oddball

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