Northern Glades Coat

We hit a low 11F today, and none of my extremities were pleased.

When I ventured outdoors, the warm embrace of my purple guardian sheltered me from the bitter cold. It’s an old friend, acquainted around the time I met the Eastland oxfords.
Sadly, unlike the oxfords, it bears a long lost brand and is the last of its kind.
Northern Glades
My beloved coat has all the marks of an intimate companion, not unlike the scrapes of a well-hugged teddy bear. Its faded purple hints of food court spills, epic outings, and too many cycles in the laundry. Its lonely button hole suggests happy times roughhousing with friends.
I nicknamed it Nana, after the pink Ice Climber, and dreamt that when I got a significant other, he would wear a Popo to match. Nana became very heavily associated with me, and I could trick my friends by having another don this purple glory.
Unfortunately, Nana is at the end of its life.

Its trimmings shed like sand falling through an hourglass, counting down its days.
I shall be awfully sore the day I retire this old friend.

Tear Tear
For now at least, I shall enjoy its warm company.
luv luv

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