Chaus Boxy Sweater in Waterfall

It’s now winter and it’s cold.
Most of my winter wear didn’t survive the last purge.
I was down to one last thick hoodie.
Armed with a recently acquired gift card, I stormed into Marshalls with determination to find one suitable sweater. This wasn’t my first trip. However, I resolved to not fail.
I dreaded clothes shopping. I loved to browse but after hours in a store, I’d find nothing that fits. On the smaller end of the spectrum, I found most items look like ponchos on me.
poncho D:
After browsing isles after isles, a sweater stood out among the racks.
pretty sweater
It had a lovely ribbed cowl and very loose fit. I’m not a fan of swimming in my garments, but I was quite taken by the color, a beautiful teal.

It reminded me of a dress I had purchased a long time ago. The dress was in a gorgeous turquoise. Even my internal cotton police could not prevent me from purchasing this 100% rayon garment.
pretty dress
Unfortunately, I never wore the dress. It was super thin and super short, a combination very apt to expose oneself. I still loved the color and scoured for clothes with similar hue.

I bought the sweater.
Even though the sweater’s teal could not match the dress’ turquoise and dismayed the cotton police with 41% acrylic, I liked it. I even liked the Dolman sleeves.
hmm toasty
It’s warm and toasty.

*According to Google and Boscov’s, this sweater is known as Chaus Fashion Force Ribbed Trim Boxy Sweater in Waterfall

  1. AEris said:

    Wear the dress as a top with jeans!

    • Jenny said:

      haha, that’s a great idea XD

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