I got into Vegas last night.

I was super excited the entire ride, both for CES and Vegas.

looking around

Even though it was night time, it’s really neat to see the Strip from the sky.

Everyone else on the flight also seamed headed towards CES.


So, CES here we come!

Harry’s mom, aunt, and I took a trip to Hollywood Casinos yesterday.

I mostly just browsed around until I saw a House of the Dead-themed slot machine!

House of the Dead was one of my favorite arcade games as a child so encountering this reincarnation was hilarious.

house zombie

Its reels had images of low-resolution zombies and for the bonus rounds, you actually shoot zombies for money.

I spent $3 on this machine and it was well more than $3 of entertainment.


I’d always wanted to time travel whenever I go on international flights.

Traveling forwards is easy, since most of the world is ahead of US time, but traveling backwards is a lot harder, since it requires the plane to fly really fast.

Last week, I finally did it! I left Beijing around 1:50pm and landed in Boston around 1:30pm!


I feel so magical.